Emerald House

Emerald Partners 

Those who made brought this vision to life

PCEH Green Team 2012  – Planning Team

Building Safety’s Jim Muir and Mike Selig Formed a Green Team to include the following partners in the initial planning process:

County Liaison
Peter DuBois ~ Clark County Environmental Services (DES)

Josh Townsley ~ Evergreen Habitat for Humanity

Jon Girod ~ Quail Homes; Bob Walton, Quail Project Superintendent

Building Design & Engineering
Timothy Buckley ~ GreenStone Architecture;
Jason Stanek PE, JS Structural PLLC

Certification / Verification
Verification Liaison : Chuck Dougherty ~ Form Studio

National Green Building Standard™ / ICC700-2008 (NGBS) – Emerald level
Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes
EPA Indoor airPLUS
Kent Mitchell ~ SwiftSure Energy Services
Earth Advantage® New Homes – Platinum Level
EPA WaterSense
Ryan Shanahan ~ Earth Advantage Institute

Site Design & Landscape & Installation 
Julie Christen ~ Clark County DES
Jenifer Naas WSU – Rain Gardens &

Website Project Manager & Media Relations
Julie Gorham ~ Marketing EQ

Green Building Advisor and Department Liaison
Mike Selig, Planet Clark 

County Permit Liaison
Kevin Tyler ~ Clark County DES

Construction & Vendors

  • Chris Hiller ~ River City Drywall

  • Entek Heating & Cooling

  • Ecotape


  • Gary’s Vacuflo
  • Jeff Sterns ~ ProBuild
  • Martin Roofing


  • Parr Lumber
  • Perfect Climate
  • Positive Energy


  • RLS Construction
  • Synergy Design
  • Sunbelt Rentals


Thank you for your time, effort, and resources. We couldn’t have done it without you!


What is the impact of building and why is it important? The benefits of the PCEH House are immense, and include community benefits, economic benefits, enviornmental benefits and social benefits. Read more.

Design & Features

What is a high-performance home? The five elements of sustainable building relate to energy, health, land, materials, and water. This single-family home includes a modern and stylish look too. Read more.


PCEH was constructed to meet the criteria for five complimentary third-party certification program. In particular, the National Green Building Standard (NGBS ICC 700-2008) includes five common green building practice arenas. Read more.


Emerald Certification is the most stringent certification and highest achievement in sustainable building by the National Association of Home Builders under the National Green Building standards based on budget, land and resources. Read more.

Why is Sustainable Development so important?

The environment is where we live. Development is what we do to improve our lives within the abode. You cannot separate the two. In order to sustain human progress, we must build in ways that protect the environment and in that process ensure that such development will serve future generations.

Global leaders have long recognized that the development paths of our nations are unsustainable. In October 1987, the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations published a report entitled “Our Common Future,” which introduced the most commonly cited definition to date:

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of further generations to meet their own needs.”