Protect Your Peeps

protect your house

The safety of your home is critical to the well being of your family; here are some resources that can protect your family’ health and safety and your home’s value

Protect your health:

  • Up to 90% of our time is spent indoors.
  • There are between 250 and 400 chemicals in the average person’s body tissue, many of those are from materials in the home.
  • Other air quality issues come from mold, radon, fiberglass and toxic dust from a leaky furnace ventilation system.
  • Click here to learn the 5 steps to improving your indoor air quality and visit the links at the bottom of the page for some very useful information and resources.

Protect your pocket book:

  • Building departments get calls regularly from homeowners asking for help. They have had work done, or have bought a house that had unpermitted work done to it.
  • They are concerned about their safety and the value of their house.
  • After inspection of that work it is often found that they will need to spend even more money to fix problems to make their home safe and the work legal.
  • Protect your PEEP’s, don’t let your house become an epic building fail

Protect your home’s value:

  • It’s tough to learn that you may not be able to sell your home due to unpermitted-uninspected work.
  • If that uninspected work causes a fire or injury, your insurance may not cover that loss and or liability.
  • Protect your family and one of the biggest investments you make. Get a permit!

The bottom line is that permits protect your family. Please contact us if you need help or have any questions.