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Our Building Safety program helps keep our homes, schools, offices, stores and other buildings safe for public use. We review and inspect all construction projects that require building permits in the unincorporated areas of Clark County and the town of Yacolt. These projects range from small-scale residential remodels to large, multi-story commercial buildings and apartments.

Permit Center

Why get permits? Building permits are beneficial to you and your community. By obtaining the required permits you are not only protecting the financial investment in your project, you are also guarding against potential hazards of unsafe construction. Learn more about the importance of permits. We encourage our customers to use online services. Customers may contact staff by phone or email.

Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of your home has the added benefit of saving you money for heating and cooling and making your home a healthier place to live. Homes with leaky air ducts are more the rule rather than the exception in Clark County and account for an average 20-40% of your home’s total heating and cooling costs. Incentives from local utility providers can help cover the cost of duct repairs.

Green Building

Green buildings are designed and built in such a way that they have a reduced impact on the environment. They are energy efficient, and take advantage of renewable energy. They make use of renewable and recycled resources. They are built to conserve water and have excellent indoor air quality. Green buildings use less toxic building materials and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.