About Planet Clark

A Public Private Outreach Program since 2012

Planet Clark was developed as a public-private outreach and education partnership group. Energy Efficiency Services, Building Safety, and Environmental Services from Clark County started Planet Clark. Our partners, Clark Public Utilities and Energy Trust of Oregon, have provided energy saving resources and incentives to Clark County residents for years and have helped make Planet Clark a valuable resource for the community.

Our private business partners give us a range of expertise and resources that are unparalleled in most outreach programs. They provide goods and services that help people save energy, build sustainable houses, develop the Planet Clark Outreach Trailer, and soften the impact on our environment. Joining forces has allowed us to pool our resources and more effectively reach the community with our similar messages. Check out our first promotional video and the people who visited it. 

Megan Fletcher, Program Assistant
(564) 397-5198

The first development of Planet Clark Interactive Trailer in our first promotional video.