Planing For Success…

If you are constructing, you are responsible. You will need to become knowledgeable.

Don’t Make Mud!

Contractors and homeowners alike, must follow the same regulations for erosion control and stormwater run-off from excavation to final building.

Erosion Control

– Protects stormwater systems
– Keeps water onsite
– Erosion control during responsible construction

Stormwater Systems

– Increase treatment of pollutants & sediment
– Provide management of stormwater flow & water quality
– Improve landscape health

Regulations apply to both residential and commercial projects in both urban and rural settings.

But, why? Because even if you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s gone away.
Do your part to protect our community’s waterways, vegitation and neighborhood streets, and your own backyard.
Plus…. It’s the law!
There are specific federal, state and county requirements to meet.

Follow These 7 Steps To Success

1. Create a project plan
2. Properly fill out the stormwater application for your project
3. Return it to the permitting office for review
4. Implement the plan and best management practices (BMP)
5. Comply with the Clark County stormwater code requirements
6. Once fully approved: Start your project!
7. Ask us for information and assistance. (360) 397-2375