7 Things for Every Home

7 things FinalOur home is our biggest investment, it is also one of the most complex assemblies of parts and pieces that all need to work properly to ensure your families health and safety. Here is Clark County Building Safety’s 7 Things for Every Home.

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thing-1Protect your investment; permits and inspections equal value and safety. Get good DIY advice or hire only licensed pros.
thing-2Know your home. Maintain your home. Learn to live well.
thing-3Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when daylight savings time changes. Vent all combustion appliances. Be fire safe.
thing-4Save energy and make a healthy home. Add insulation. Seal your ducts. Stop air leaks. Ventilate moisture using your exhaust fans.
thing-5Change furnace filters each season. Use a programmable thermostat. Take care of your systems for increased efficiency.
thing-6Prepare for emergencies. Have a plan. Know what to do.
thing-7Go to Planetclark.com for more ideas and resources.
thing-8COMING SOON! A cool homeowner’s manual from Clark County Building Safety with lots of great tips, info, and resources.

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