Epic Plumbing Fails

Poor planning or shoddy contracting for building a home or building, or for electrical, plumbing and HVAC projects create hazards that will put your family and home at risk.

When it comes to home improvement and maintenance projects, cheap isn’t necessarily better. Investing in your home by focusing on durability and safety will improve your home’s value and may save you from results like these epic building failures!

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No explanation needed.
Electrical tape used when duct tape wasn’t available! It’s unlikely that this will drain well or at all, unless the electrical tape fails and lets the water drain into the cabinet.
On second thought, I think I’ll just hold it.
An innovative use for plastic water bottles, but it won’t be long before water is pouring out of this pipe.

You can avoid issues like these by hiring a licensed, insured and bonded contractor and getting the proper permits for your projects. Permits ensure value and safety by paying for professional plan review and inspection that verifies the work in your home is completed to building safety code.

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