Know your home. Maintain your home. Learn to live well.

Know your home

Do you know where to shut off your water if a pipe breaks or reset a flipped breaker?

Maintain your home

What should you check every fall before the rains start?

HUD Home Maintenance Checklist

Where is my furnace filter located and how often should it be changed? Visit this Operations and Maintenance website

Learn to live well

Do you need to dispose of hazardous chemicals?

Choose alternatives to chemicals in your yard

If strong chemical cleaning agents are bothering you, here are healthier cleaning alternatives

Would you like levers on your door handles rather than knobs? Is it time for a grab bar in the shower to prevent falls?  Make your home safer and more accessible.

Request a Clark County Building Safety Homeowners Manual and review the seasonal maintenance checklists with information like finding your crawlspace, attic, utility shutoffs and more.

Calculate your home water use to help you save money and conserve water.

Calculate your home energy to help you save energy and money logo

Click to visit The Clark County Green Neighbors program to find resources on a variety of topics related to sustainability, including listings of local events, trainings, and news items. Get involved and create a better community!


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